My 15 favorite female K-Pop songs of 2018

Welcome to my favorite k-pop songs of 2018 list. I don’t listen much to male k-pop group, so here’s the female ones in no particular order.

DIA – Woo Woo


Weki Meki  – Crush


Heize – 내가 더 나빠 (didn’t know me)



What did I miss?

Hi all,  I’m back after been gone for almost a year.

Many things has happened in kpop that I didn’t get the chance to talk about so I’ll just skip them and jump straight to the current releases.

Here’s the highlight in no particular order

[G]I-dle debut single, with Jeon Soyeon at the front. They really took the industry by the storm and snatched their first show award, hailed as the heavy candidate for Female Rookie of the Year title.