Nugu A.De debut with Strawberry, and became one of many

berry berry strawberry strawberry..I like it like it!

Lately there’s been a surge of debuting girl group with at least one member participated in Produce 101 (even when they didn’t get into the top 11) . Riding on the popularity of  Park Haeyoung in that program, 2Able Company hastily assembled their trainee and strike it while it’s hot,  put them into 7 member group A.De and debuted them with single Strawberry.

A.De – Strawberry

Their MV concept is your typical cutesy with a lot of pink, and while the girls look fresh, the MV itself looks low budget. The song chorus is very catchy it stuck in my head, but the rest of it is forgettable.  Even their dance routine is very basic, except the vertical split part.








Bonus : A.De debut stage on Show Champion

A.De – Strawberry debut stage




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