After their debut with ‘Catch Me’, Dreamcatcher has been recognized for their unique goth/rock/horror concept and people were clamoring for more, and the girls didn’t disappoint with their second release ‘Good Night’.

This time Dreamcatcher just released the trailers for their upcoming comeback, thus will complete the horror concept trilogy with Fly High, telling the story that happened before ‘Catch Me’ and  ‘Good Night’.


Nugu Favorite debut with unusually catchy Party Time

The group were formerly known as ‘Astory Girls’ until they debut as ‘Favorite’, which could be one of the hardest group name to search on the internet (along with ‘Various’).

On another note, their title track Party Time sounds unusually different and might be better than some debut songs this year.  They need to improve the choreo tho.


Roundup post Eid Holiday

Been very busy with all kind of family matters during Eid Holiday, so I’m gonna make a roundup on everything I’ve missed during that time, in no particular order.

The dark horse of I.O.I, it’s still a mystery to me how her solo seems to beat other ex-members releases’ combined. The MV is highly approved by me.


Blackpink As If It’s Your Last

Not gonna lie I thought As If It’s Your Last was 2NE1 song (in a good way) when I first heard it, but then again it was produced by TEDDY, the same person who used to produce 2NE1’s songs, so it’s not that surprising. What’s surprising is that YG intention to mold BlackPink into 2NE2, with Lisa as Minzy and Jenny as CL.