Sistar is officially disbanded with Lonely

With the release of their final single, Lonely, Sistar is officially ending their activity as a group after being together for 7 years. It’s been a wonderful journey, and I’m looking forward to their future activities..



Sistar is disbanding, and summer won’t be the same

Sistar will disband after releasing their final single album on May 31, 2017. I guess not even the mighty Sistar is immune to 7 years curse in kpop industry.  The members penned letter to their fans shortly after Starship Entertainment confirmed their disbandment.

It’s been a great journey for the members, and they end it while they’re still on top without any conflict. I wish them all good luck on their future endeavors.


Sistar saves the summer with I Like That

Sistar has been consistently saves the summer with their releases, and this time it’s no different. With their album ‘Insane Love’, Sistar hits the chart with their title track ‘I Like That’ and achieved their first PAK in less than 24 hours.

Sistar – I Like That

The song is a jam, and the MV is very well made too. As usual Hyolyn carries most of the song. Dasom got more lines while Soyou got less than her usual. Bora’s rap is a nice break in the middle.