hip hop

Rubber Soul – Love Is

Rubber Soul just keeps drifting away from public eye by releasing another boring song. I keep hoping they’d release something more public friendly but one can only wish.


Lucy feat Kisum – B’day

This is actually cool. Lucy is actually Jiyeon, a  former member of girl group GLAM who just released her solo debut B-DAY featuring Kisum. The song is about wishing happy birthday to herself, if I’m not mistaken.

Rubber Soul is back without Lala with Dream X NY Fish

Ruber Soul is back with a dreamy track titled Dream X NY Fish, but this time just Kim and Choi Cho without Lala. I always like Rubber Soul’s releases, but unfortunately South Korean public seems to disagree. Rubber Soul is having difficult time to gain any traction an public recognition and this apparent in their very low youtube views.

Jenyer solo debut feat. Samuel Seo with Cliche

Jenyer is actually Jeon Jiyoon from 4Minute. Surprise surprise!

After 4Minute’s disbandment, I’m glad Jiyoon still has a shot at releasing solo works. Featuring Samuel Seo (which I assume is quite famous), Cliche is a nice hip hop/ RnB, which shows that Jiyoon can sing quite well. The use of simple animation  also add quirkiness to the MV.