Roundup post Eid Holiday

Been very busy with all kind of family matters during Eid Holiday, so I’m gonna make a roundup on everything I’ve missed during that time, in no particular order.

The dark horse of I.O.I, it’s still a mystery to me how her solo seems to beat other ex-members releases’ combined. The MV is highly approved by me.

Mamamoo just keep releasing great music, but still can’t top Decalcomanie yet.

Even though Archangels of the Sephiroth is good by being different from the current mainstream releases, somehow I lost interest in them, and adding a new member didn’t help at all.

Apink just releasing their usual stuff.

The lack of Kisum in the MV is disturbing.

Heize got violent in 14 Ways To Loose Your Teddy Bear. I still like her tho.



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