Sistar is officially disbanded with Lonely

With the release of their final single, Lonely, Sistar is officially ending their activity as a group after being together for 7 years. It’s been a wonderful journey, and I’m looking forward to their future activities..

It’s amazing how far they’ve gone, and how much they achieved since their debut Push Push (2010)

Shady Girl (2010)

How Dare You (2010)

So Cool (2012)

Alone (2012)

Loving You (2012)

Give It To Me (2013)

I Swear (2014)

Touch My Body (2014)

Shake It (2015)

I Like That (2016)


Bonus Songs :

Ma Boy (2011)

Gone Not Around Any Longer (2013)


Farewell Sistar, you will be missed.


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