DREAMCATCHER debut with horror/ rock concept and I’m shook!

First of all I’m gonna say thank you to Happyface Ent for keeping the Minx girls around, and re debut them as Dreamcatcher with this amazing concept. Sorry if I ever doubted you and calling you many things.

Now on to the good stuff!

Dreamcatcher debut is something nobody expect, both in timing and concept. It is known that Happyface Ent has been struggling to maintain Dal Shabet popularity, and putting Minx in a long hiatus. Many people suspect Happyface Ent would kill Minx when they announce to debut another girl group, but who would’ve thought Minx died to be resurrected as this!

Chase Me is heavily influenced by J-rock sound, which automatically put Dreamcatcher apart from other girl groups. Matched with their sharp choreography, Dreamcatcher could be a strong candidate for this year rookie of the year.











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