WJSN’s Secret is a ritual to summon their 13th member

WJSN (Wu Ju So Nyeo) or Cosmic Girls is a 12 member girl group under Starship Ent, who debuted in early 2016 with mini album Would You Like, with the title track Mo Mo Mo. Initially they debuted with astrological sign concept, and now they just summoned their 13th member as Ophiuchus, the serpent, and release mini album The Secret, with Secret as the title track.

Secret is a big leap from their previous singles with Yeonjung, the newest member who were busy with Produce 101 earlier, taking the lead vocal. The song gives off  dreamy vibe, just like Lovelyz’s, and the MV is very pretty in a trippy kind of way.





Exy and Seola joined Ginyu Forces and wear their scouter lol







So far they’re doing better than their previous releases, I hope they could win something this time but that’s a very slim chance since I.O.I just started their promotion.




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