DIA’s Happy Ending could be a good beginning

When DIA debuted in 2015 and coined as T-ara’s little sister group, I thought they’d made it big with their top notch visual and catchy songs. But their debut album Do It Amazing  with their title track Somehow failed to chart somehow (pun intended).The same thing happened to their follow up song My Friend’s Boyfriend.

Many things happened after that with Chaeyeon and Cathy withdrew from the group’s activity to join Produce 101, Chaeyeon made it while Cathy got eliminated, Seunghee left DIA and the addition of Chaewon/ Eunchae into the roster. The future really looked uncertain for them.

But now they’re back with Happy Ending with On The Road as the title track!

DIA – On The Road

I don’t know what was MBK thinking by hiring Iggy & Yongbae, the composer of Gfriend’s hit songs Me Gustas Tu, combined with schoolgirl’s concept and the MV’s art direction, they successfully create an uproar with people calling DIA blatantly copying Gfriend. Be it incidentally or by some clever design, this controversy really boost DIA’s popularity and On The Road managed to debut at #29 on Melon chart.



Personally I prefer their previous concept and songs, but if this cutesy concept can get them out of nugudom then I’ll support it wholeheartedly.

Meanwhile, enjoy their visual slayage





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