EXID – L.I.E, Their best release post Up & Down

The title says it all.

After their rise to stardom because of Up & Down, EXID seems to cling tightly to the song recipe for their previous 2 releases. If it works, why change, right? But a lot of people think that EXID pre Up & Down was better musically (me included).

Their latest album, Street, finally break away from the mold, resulted in a divisive opinion among the listeners.


At first L.I.E sounds fragmented, like 3 songs mashed into 1. First part is Hani and Junghwa’s song, which sounds like what Twice would sing. Second part is Solji and Hyerin’s song, which sounds like Dasoni, and the third part is L.E’s song, the rap part. But in the end it all works out really well.

Beside the song, the MV is also pleasing to the eye. The concept is a loose reference from Grand Budapest Hotel, with some controversial scenes, the girls look really great.









EXID – L.I.E on Show Champion

Bonus :

This track is so awesome, it should be the title track instead.

EXID (Junghwa & Hyerin) – Nyam Nyam Jjeop Jjeop 


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