CLC comeback with Nu.Clear

Nu.Clear is CLC‘s 4th album, and as hinted by the title gonna be a New (Crystal) Clear with new concept and 2 additional members, namely Elkie and Eunbean. I’m not sure why Cube felt the need to add more members beside the fact that Elkie is a Hong Kong citizen and quite popular, so they might wanna promote there too. While Eunbean has already gain public attention by participating in Produce 101.

Nu.Clear consist of 6 tracks, with No Oh Oh as the title track.

CLC – No Oh Oh

As a title track, No Oh Oh is better than their previous tracks, bar their debut song Pepe. The girls look slimmer and barely recognizable, could be because of heavy diet to match Elkie and Eunbean visual. The new members also soaked the screentime since Sorn and Seunghee barely got any.


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