Nugu & Rookie Recap 20 May 2016

So, instead of making individual post about the new and emerging nugus and rookies, I will  write weekly recap every Friday. Individual posts are reserved for something that I found really interesting.

As 1 (As One) – Hey Ya

As 1 – Hey Ya

AS 1 debuted in 2012 with Catch Me Up under Sun Entertainment Culture Limited, and had a comeback in 2015 with Candy Ball. After having formation changes, now they returned with Hey Ya. Their current members are Shin (Ng Sze Kai), Nata, Chloe and Ka Yan. Except for Shin who was born in mainland, the other members are from Hong Kong.

Hey Ya is a cheerful dance track with a nice beat to it. The MV is also okay, like a watered down version of some early T-ara MV.


The pics are quite old, clockwise from top left : Chloe, Ka Yan, Shin, Nata.


Live High – Happy Song

Live High – Happy Song

I can’t find any info regarding this quartet. But the song sounds Jpop-ish and the MV is cheaply made, I only listened to it once.

live high


NEW-A – Soldier

New-A – Soldier

The song started off like marching beat but fall short and turns into a weak song. the MV is low budget but slightly higher quality compared to Live High.

Not much info to be found about them other than they’re from a company called WEF Entertainment , that looks more like their distributor.





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