Agirls comeback with UHOO!

Agirls – UHOO MV teaser

I stumbled upon this MV today, and gotta say I like the sound of it. UHOO is a dance track with nice disco vibe in it. Unfortunately I find it very hard to find any info about this group. So here’s what I found.

UHOO is a comeback. because Agirls is not a rookie, they’ve been active since 2013, and released a debut single called Oh My God but I can’t find the MV. There are some performance videos floating around youtube tho.

 Agirls – Oh My God

The UHOO teaser was released on May 12 2016,  and the song was released on May 17, 2016. And they already performed the song even before that.

Agirls – UHOO

Agirls – Oh My God


The members clockwise from top left : Hye Ji, YeunJoo, Jane, DanWoo


and their final member

agirl has no name

Ok, I’ll admit even though I wrote all these for Arya joke, but I genuinely looking forward for the UHOO MV to drop lol.

Edit : changed the MV teaser with the official MV




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